Bookkeeping Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer different bookkeeping packages from what is shown?

Yes.  If you don't fit into one of the suggested packages, we can customize and price a package based on your specific needs.  

Do I have to select a package?

No. If you don't like any of the packages and don't want a customized package, we can bill you at our hourly rate for the time it takes to provide our services.

Can I get more details on what is included in each package?

Yes. Before we recommend a package, we need to first identify your bookkeeping needs so we can assess which package is best for you.  From there, we can cover which services are provided in each package. 

Bookkeeping Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What is your hourly rate?

While hourly rates vary for bookkeeping services, our rate is $50 an hour for those clients that don't want or need a bookkeeping package.  There are companies that charge less and there are companies that charge more but we feel confident that we provide the best service of anyone at that rate.   

Do I have to sign a contract for your services?

No contract is necessary. You are free to fire us at any time and we reserve the right to fire a client at anytime (let's hope it doesn't come to that). We do require an engagement letter outlining our services to you, so you understand what we will do and what we won't do.

I have a bookkeeper and want to change to your firm. How do we make that happen?

We will need to meet first to understand what bookkeeping services they are providing for you and what information they may need to provide us.  Once we have that figured out, we can game plan the transition to make it as smooth as possible. 

Bookkeeping Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider you to handle my bookkeeping?

For the same reasons your customers chose you over your competition.  You feel that you can provide the best service and you price yourself accordingly, which is exactly our mindset for our bookkeeping services. 

Do you have an office where we can meet?

Unfortunately, we don't have an office. We are a small business just like yours, so we keep our overhead low to provide the best bookkeeping service for the best value.  If we need to meet face to face, we are more than happy to meet at a coffee shop or restaurant. 

Do you prepare tax returns?

We do not as we want to focus on what we do best and that is bookkeeping.  However, we are more than happy to coordinate with your tax accountant to ensure they get everything they need in the most efficient manner to prepare your taxes.    

Bookkeeping Frequently Asked Questions

What type of companies do you handle?

We can help pretty much any business type with their bookkeeping.  If we don't think we can help, we will let you know up front.   

I started a new business and I am not sure what to do.

Let's talk so we can assess your situation.  You are under no obligation to go with us and we will be up front and honest if you need bookkeeping services or not. 

My books are a mess. What should I do?

Relax.  Nobody's perfect and it happens. The good news is everything is usually fixable.  The bad news is you will have to pay for your bookkeeping sins as it takes time to get things back in order. 

Bookkeeping Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay you $50 an hour when I can hire someone for much less?

For the same reasons you want to provide your customers with your service rather than having them do it themselves.  We are experts at what we do and we do it efficiently and correctly the first time, every time.  We focus on your bookkeeping so you can focus on growing your business.  

I need to find a tax preparer. Can you help?

We are more than happy to refer you to a competent tax professional.  We know several tax preparers we can recommend that work with us and are familiar with our bookkeeping services.   

Why should I care about bookkeeping?

Clean and accurate financial statements are better for obtaining bank loans or for selling your business.  If you were a banker, would you lend money based on financials that are messy?  If you were going to buy a business, would you buy one with messy financials or clean financials? Don't underestimate the value of having excellent bookkeeping and the impact it has on your business.